After 17 years of home ownership and the better part of 1400 square feet weighing me down, I decided to make a break with normalcy, stagnation and increasingly crushing debt. With less than 10 days before the closing of my house sale, I went on a frenzied search to buy the most motorhome my budget of $2500 would allow. In the wilds of New Hampshire, I stumbled upon a 1982 Chevy Campermate with recently rebuilt engine and transmission. It had been sitting in someone’s backyard for some time but it ran great. It had one big room, a bathroom and a sleeping loft. With some work, it was going to be 160 square feet of rolling palace.


There are voices. Loud voices. Now a car door. Kids squawking excitedly. Is this the 3rd level of hell? Where am I? Nothing felt familiar. Even the bed. Yeah, I’m in bed… but not the comfy familiar bed of 17 years in my palace of solitude back in Scarborough. A new bed. And it’s hot … Continue reading

Park ‘n Ride

The park and ride was my new home. I had been monitoring it for weeks beforehand. a few other motorhomes would come and go. stay a few days and move on. . Mostly though,it seemed like a vehicular free for all. Motorcycles, vans, cars and even a few abandoned vehicles resided here. How did I know they were … Continue reading

Noche de Muy Frio

In the first week of December, El niño decided to go south for the winter and leave us at the mercy of the jet stream and Canada’s best known export: An arctic chill of sub zero air. The previous year we enjoyed record warmth and even days for motorcycle rides until January. However, this is Maine … Continue reading


There is a strong difference of opinion you will encounter when transitioning to an off grid tiny home, RV or motorhome. The American dream leaves little room for downsizing, simplifying and minimalism. RV is supposed to mean recreation vehicle, not home or a lifestyle. As such, I have encountered some quasi-negative concerns and resistance to … Continue reading

X-mas lights

Despite me being an anarchistic, satan loving nihilist atheist, one must love Xmas lights to be human. The only indoor substitute for sitting in the middle of nowhere, under an endless canopy of stars is to be caressed in your rolling palace under a colorful blanket of LED love. Better yet, you can get solar ones! … Continue reading


One of the inherent limitations of living in a motorhome is water. You can’t carry enough of it. Most smaller motorhomes have a tank between 25 and 50 gallons. We fill this when we go to Cabelas to dump waste but even just for one person the water is barely enough to last a week. … Continue reading


Figuring out a suitable system for electric can be confusing as hell. While there are lots of electricians and handymen out there who have skills or knowledge in different areas of installing or explaining electrical components, its difficult to get someone to competently explain how electricity works and how to build a system to meet … Continue reading