One of the inherent limitations of living in a motorhome is water. You can’t carry enough of it. Most smaller motorhomes have a tank between 25 and 50 gallons. We fill this when we go to Cabelas to dump waste but even just for one person the water is barely enough to last a week. I don’t even use it to shower. Do you want to know where most of it goes? Down the drain. Do you like cheese? I do. I probably wasted one hundred gallons of water this summer cleaning off my dishes. This also speaks to the importance of a good titanium non stick wok. Even still, angry burnt blobs of chedder will synthesize into a super glue like epoxy that only ferocious scrubbing and repeated blasts of water will remove. Thats where at least half your onboard water will be going, trust me. Showering onboard is really unnecessary except in emergencies or when hooked up to a city water source. This makes obtaining a gym membership all the more important. Get one. Get one to a 24/7 gym that is located close to your planned whereabouts. I belong to Planet Fitness. It’s not luxurious but for $10/mo I get large chunks of my necessities met and are able to stretch my resources far beyond where they would be without the membership. Showers, check. Electric for charging cellphones and battery banks, check. Toilet, check. I shave there as well. If I’m bored I can show up at 2 in the morning and watch cable TV while lazily peddling on a recline bike. Heat and AC too. And, of course, all the exercise my heart desires. They even have a goddamn basket of tootsie rolls as an extra treat on the way out. I’ve often wondered why there is such a homeless problem in this country when for $10 a month you can get all of the above and spend your leftover from begging on baked potatoes from the dollar menu at wendys and endless bananas for .39/lb.  In theory, homeless people should be the healthiest segment of our population.

Get a gym membership. All the pooping and showering at your gym will probably double the lifespan of your resources. This will help make those laborious trips to Cabelas less frequent and your massive cheese indulgences less guilty.

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