There is a strong difference of opinion you will encounter when transitioning to an off grid tiny home, RV or motorhome. The American dream leaves little room for downsizing, simplifying and minimalism. RV is supposed to mean recreation vehicle, not home or a lifestyle. As such, I have encountered some quasi-negative concerns and resistance to my leaving an orthodox lifestyle. Some people see living in an RV as a sign of obvious financial irresponsibility or something to be ashamed of. “Oh no! Do you need a place to stay? I have a couch.” Well intentioned offers to move back into the traditional confines of stability and security will pour in. In fact, I, at the last moments was still having a crisis of faith and searching for foreclosed homes and fixer uppers that still came with a foundation and a deed. I didn’t want the stigma of being a redneck. The amazing thing was the actual transition I underwent when I moved into the motorhome.

Did I miss some of the luxuries I had grown accustomed to? A fireplace in the kitchen, a ping pong table in the basement, a laundry room, a garage, running water and a thermostat? Not really. I didn’t miss them because there is something pure and awesome about getting more from less. About coming home knowing that you have procured enough water, food and energy for the next day. Managing resources is vital to happiness and balance, at least for me. And with that confirmation of being on the right path you will find an overwhelming majority of people who applaud what you are doing. “OMG, that is so awesome!” “I have wanted to do that forever!” So on and so on. You can’t push all those people into making the jump to a healthier lifestyle. But once you have made the transition from tradition, emptiness and debt to one of dynamic conservation, adventure and freedom, you will know you are on a better path.

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